Epoxy Stick Metal

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Epoxy Stick Metal
Zettex Epoxy stick is a mouldable two-part epoxy. This repair product is mixed (manually) in one minute and ensures a long-term repair. Zettex Epoxy Stick can also be applied under water and adheres to surfaces such as fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete and glass. Zettex Epoxy Stick also works very well when it is in contact with saturated salt solutions, leaded petrol, turpetine, and propylene glycol.


• Super strong
• For universal use
• Extremely long life
• Easy to use
• Hardens in 10 minutes
• At full strength in 24 hours 
Available forms
Stick 180 ml
Areas of application:
• Repairing tanks and drums.
• Repairs of holes in pipework
• Sealing small holes/openings in castings so the material allows no more moisture through.

Application instructions

All surfaces must be thoroughly roughened. This can be done with an abrasive disc or by shot-blasting. The product ensures a clean and rough base surface. The surface can also be cleaned using Zettex Profireiniger.
Features Specification
Typical property Cured in 7 days at 24 ℃
Colour Black, changes to grey after mixing
Viscosity Mouldable by hand
Open processing time 20 minutes
Strength 83 N/mm2
Tensile strength 5 N/mm2
Shore hardness cured 75
Electrical conductivity 300
Level of solid substances 100%
Temperature resistance 121 ℃ - 149 ℃
10 % Sulfuric acid Good
10 % Hydrochloric acid Good
Chlorinated solvents Very good
Methanol Very good
Toluene Very good
Ammonia Very good
Sodium hydroxide Excellent
Kerosene Very good
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