The Zettex Spuhboy is a completely environmentally friendly aerosol, because this aerosol does not use harmful propellants. The Spruhboy is mainly used in car garages, industry or in the service sector, for example machine and engine maintenance. This Spruhboy is ideal for the processing of cleaning and detecting a leak.
Available Forms
Aerosol 400ml

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
• The Spuhboy maintenance kit can be used to replace parts of the Spruhboy. This can also be purchased at Zettex.

• The Spruhboy is always deliverd with two flaps and four nozzles.

• The refilling, of the product to be applied, can take place at the top of the Spruhboy. Air as a propellant can be filled through the cover on the bottom.

• The Air Filling station can also be purchased. The Spruhboy can be filled with air pressure. After filling (takes about 4 to 5 seconds) the lid of the Spruhboy closes automatically.
Features Specification
Material Aluminium
Application Flexible, upside down functie
Spray valve Exchangeable
Contents 400 ml
Function Overpressure
Weight 350 gram
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