Easyfinish concentrate

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Easyfinish concentrate
​Product description
Zettex Easy Finish Concentrate is a neutral universal aid
for wet smoothing sealant joints. Zettex Easy Finish
Concentrate is more than 90% biodegradable and must
first be diluted before using. After using Zettex Easy
Finish Concentrate it is advised to clean surrounding
surfaces or rinse with water to prevent any rutting.
Residues of Zettex Easy Finish Concentrate can
negatively affect the flow and adhesive capacity of
products including paint.


• Perfect finish.
• For immediate use.
• Limits the discolouration of sealant joints
• Dilution required
​Available form
• Jerry can 5 L (concentrate
​Application instructions
Zettex Easy Finish Concentrate can be used for wet smoothing sealant joints. Always shake well before
use. After applying the sealant moisten the surfaces of the joints and the adjacent surfaces with Zettex
Easy Finish Concentrate. Then finish the joint with a spatula, filling knife or PVC tube. After the joint has
been smoothed one can finish it with a Zettex Easy Finish Concentrate moistened finger. With use on
sealant joints that are to be painted over and on sensitive surfaces such as natural stone and glass, further
rinsing with clean water is recommended.
Features Specification
Application temperature Between 5 and 40 degrees
Density 1.00 g/ml
Frost-resistance during transport NO
pH value pH = 7.1
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