​Product description
Zettex Eco Seal is a facade impregnating on water base. It leads to a perfect repellent application and it can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces. It can be applied on fresh masonry ,of at least 14 days old, as well. 


- Repellent
- Paintable with synthetic paints.
- Application on most common materials.
- Dirt repellent. 

- Barrel 1, 5 en 20 L
The Zettex Eco Seal is ready to use. It can be applied on almost every surface, for example on limestone, bricks, concrete, sandstone and plaster. Zettex Eco Seal is paintable with synthetic paints, it is dirt repellent , it decreases lime retirement and frost damage on stone and joint works. It is alkali and acid proof as well. 
Features Specification
Basic raw material Ethanol
Consumption per M2 0,5 L
Isocyanate level 0%
Product property 1 Façade Impregnation
Product property 2 Flooring and roofing felt cover
Product property 3 Don’t apply when temperature is below 5℃
Product property 4 Ready to use.
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