MS 72 Windshield

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MS 72 Windshield

Product description
Zettex MS 72 Windshield is a one component car window adhesive for the adhesion of all kinds of windows in car, caravan, and bodywork construction. Zettex MS 72 Windshield can be applied without using a primer and has a drive-away time of one hour for airbag fitted vehicles. Zettex MS 72 Windshield is permanently flexible and free of solvents. Zettex MS 72 Windshield is NCAP certified.

MS Polymers

Product Properties
• Retains its elastic properties permanently
• Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
• Fast-curing, 4-5 mm per 24 hours and shrinkage free
• High mechanical resistance
• Use without primer
• Does not contain isocyanate, solvents or silicone


• Plastic cartridge 290 ml
• Sausage cartridge 600ml



For a fast bonding of all types of vehicle windshields or other windows. For the bonding and sealing of roofpanels and roofing. For the bonding and sealing of all types of carrosserie, train and airplane construction. Sealing joints in roof and window construction.

All surfaces must be free of grease and dust.

Features Specification
Hardness 57 Shore A
Progressive hardening 4-5 mm per 24 uur
Processing temperature +5°C tot +40°C
Drive away time 2 airbags 1 hour
Viscosity 600m/pa per second
Density in g/ml 1,42
Allowable temperature range -40°C tot +90°C
Tensile strength 2,9 n/mm²
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