MS 57 Marine Bond

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MS 57 Marine Bond
Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond is a high quality, one component sealant, based on MS Polymer. The Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond adheres to all kinds of wood. In some cases it can be applied without using a primer. 

MS Polymers


• Adhesive- and sealer in one.
• Durable and UV resistant
• Great bonding on most common materials.
• Permanent elastic.
• Solvent- and isocynate free.
• After curing it can be sanded. 
• Cartridge 290 ml, deliverable in black
• Sausage 600 ml, deliverable in black.


18 months if stored in unopened, originale packaging. Store at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C.

​Application areas
• De Zettex Marine Bond is suitable as a sealant and adhesive. Zetttex MS 57 Marine Bond has a great bonding on the most common building materials. It is very strong and permanent elastic and can be used for internal and exterior applications.

• Make sure the surface is clean and free from grease and dust. You can use the Zettex Profi Cleaner to realise this. The teak parts have to be treated with Zettex Primer Z-05, before the bonding is taking place. Apply Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond from below to above to provide air confinement. De Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond can be sanded after 7 days.

• If the deck is varnished, there should be a test first to guarantee the compatibility with the paint. The deck can be painted only seven days after applying Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond. Note that the paint has a different formability than Zettex MS 57 Marine Bond, therefore it would be able to crack.

• Use water to clean the teak deck regularly. This provides that the teak deck will dry up and it ensures that the movement in the deck is minimal.

Features Specification
Basic raw material Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)
Number of components 1
Specific gravity approx. 1.55 g/ml
Solvent level 0%
Isocyanate level 0%
Shore A approx. 55
Tensile strength approx. 2.2 MPa (ISO 37)
Elongation at break approx. 250% (ISO 37)
Skin formation (start) approx. 15 mins (at +20 °C/RH 50%)
Full curing approx. 3 mm/24 hours (at +20 °C/RH 50%)
Max. permissible deformation approx. 15%
Processing temperature From +5 °C
Temperature resistance -40°C to +100 °C, temporary +180 ° C
Moisture-resistance Good
Mould resistance Good
Frost stability Not sensitive to frost
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