MS 65 Panel

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MS 65 Panel
The Zettex MS 65 is, a one component, moisture curing, polymer with an extreme high initial tack. Zettex MS 65 Panel adheres to the most common facade panels without using a primer. Zettex MS 65 Panel can also be applied to cement-bonded panels. Even in humid weather conditions you can use Zettex MS 65 Panel. Consult our application guide before using this product.

• Durable high elastic
• Shrink free.
• Fast curing of 3 mm/24 hours.
• Good resistance against weather conditions and ageing.
• Simple and fast mounting.    
• Cartridge 290 ml, deliverable in white, black and grey.
• Sausage 600 ml, deliverable in white, black and grey.

18 months in an unopened packaging. Stored at temperatures between 5 and 25 degrees.

• The MS 65 Panel is especially developed for the adhering of HPL and fiber cement panels for facades and walls in interior and exterior. A bonding test before is recommended, because of the high diversity of coatings on HPL panels.
• The MS 65 Panel has to be applied with the V-spout. During the application we recommend to maintain the pressure.
• Uncured residue can be removed with Zettex Profi Cleaner. Hands can be cleaned with the Zettex Cleaning Wipes.

Application instructions
• Apply the MS 65 Panel in vertical rills. De distance between the rills has to be 10 until 20 centimetre. Apply with the Zettex Caulkgun. Don’t use dots, but only rills. The use of Zettex Fixing tape is recommended during the first 24 hours, to support the panels. 
Features Specification
Basic raw material Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)
Number of components 1
Specific gravity approx. 1.55 g/ml
Solvent level 0%
Isocyanate level 0%
Shore A approx. 55
Tensile strength approx. 2.2 MPa (ISO 37)
Elongation at break approx. 250% (ISO 37)
Skin formation (start) approx. 15 mins (at +20 °C/RH 50%)
Full curing approx. 3 mm/24 hours (at +20 °C/RH 50%)
Max. permissible deformation approx. 15%
Processing temperature From +5 °C
Temperature resistance -40°C to +100 °C, temporary +180 ° C
Moisture-resistance Good
Mould resistance Good
Frost stability Not sensitive to frost
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