PU 50
Zettex PU 50 is a permantly elastic, one component construction and joint sealant. based on polyurethane. Specially designed for car body construction and repair. Fulfills the high quality automotive industry demands. The fully cured product has a high level of shore hardness and a very good resistance against shock absorption.

Chemical nature


• Very fast skinning and curing time.
• Can be easily tooled, brushed and smoothed.
• Capable of withstanding high dynamic stresses.
• Bonds and seals at the same time.
• Wide spectrum of adhesion.
• Permanently flexible.
• Vibration and sound dampening properties
• Over- paintable (preliminary tests recommended)
• Cartridge 310ml
• Sausage 600 ml
• The surface must be clean, dry, free of water, oil, grease or rust and of sound quality. Remove all kind of residues or uncured glue with Zettex Profi Cleaner. Pre-test substrates for adhesion. Cleaners and primers may be required to achieve an optimal adhesion.
• Long term resistance to fresh water, seawater, lime water and cleaning agents. Short term resistance to petrol, grease and mineral oil. Not resistant to organic acids, concentrated mineral acids, pool water, caustic solutions or solvents.
• Do not cure in the presence of curing silicone sealants. The Zettex PU 50 can be over-painted, but it
must be tested for compatibility by carrying out preliminary trials. Attention must be observed as well with
the use of alcohol or alkyd-resin since they may interfere with the curing process of the sealant. This could
reduce the curing and drying time of the paint itself. After all, clean tools with Zettex Profi Cleaner. Cured
material can only be removed mechanically.

Areas of Application
• Zettex PU 50 is a suitable for sealing, seam sealing, simple bondings as well as for vibration reduction
and sound deadening measures in car body repair and car body construction. Suitable substrates are
metals, metal primers, paint coatings (2-c systems) and painted plastics.
Features Specification
Appearance Thixotroic paste
Colour White, grey, black.
Chemical Nature Polyurethane
Curing Mechanism Moisture-curing
Curing through volume [mm] 3 (1 day at 23°C
and 50% r.h.)
Shore A (23°C and 50% r.h.; DIN 53505) 52
Density [g/cc] Black: 1,24 +- 0,02
Grey: 1,27 +- 0,02
White: 1,30 +- 0,02
Tack-free time [min] (23°C and 50% r.h.) 25-30
Tensile strength [N/mm2](ISO 37 DIN 53504) >2.0
Elongation [%] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) ≥ 250
Application temperature (℃) from +5℃ till +40℃
Temperature Resistance (℃) -40℃/+90℃, short period up to 120℃
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