PU 75
Zettex PU 75 is a permanently elastic, one component windshield adhesive based on polyurethane. Zettex PU 75 is suitable for sealing all types of glass windows in the automotive industry. Zettex PU 75 has a drive-away time of 2 hours in combination with 2 airbags. Zettex PU 75 needs to be applied in combination with Zettex Glass Primer. Zettex PU 75 is highly resistant to UV irradation, weathering and aging.

Chemical nature

• One-component polyurethane
• Suitable for cold application
• High viscosity – high initial tack and non-sag properties
• Short cut-off string
• Suitable for use with integral aerials.
• Prevents contact corrosion in aluminium-body vehicles.
• High UV resistance and colour stability
• Cartridge 310ml
•ZETTEX PU 75 is specifically addressed to the glass replacing and installation of front, side and rear windshields in the sector of Bus, Truck, Railway and industrial vehicles. Thanks to its high viscosity it guarantee a very high initial tack and is suitable for the application of
large surfaces glasses typical in the BTR. Suitable for elastic structural bonding (assembly of various materials which are subjected to high thermal and dynamic stress) in the transportation Industry. The product is also characterized by a very good UV resistance and color stability making the product ideal for the sealing of exposed joints, including joints between lateral glasses. This once cured it provide an excellent semi-matt
appearance for aesthetical purposes.

• The surfaces to be treated should be perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease. It is necessary to apply a Cleaner/Activator and a Primer on glass. The adhesion on normal vehicle varnishes generally does not require the use of Primer. It is advisable to carry out preliminary adhesion tests on the support. Specific guidance regarding the use of Primers may be obtained by submitting substrate samples to our Laboratories.
Features Specification
Chemical nature Polyurethane
Curing Mechanism Moisture-curing
Colour Black
Density [g/cc] 1,28 ± 0,02
Curing through volume [mm] (1 day 23°C and
50% r.h.) > 3
Tack-free time [min] (23°C and 50% r.h.) 35 ± 5
Shore A hardness [N/mm2] 60 ± 5
Elastic modulus at 100% [N/mm2 ] (ISO 37 DIN 52455) ≥ 2,5
Tensile strength [N/mm2] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) ≥ 10,0
Elongation [%] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) ≥ 600
Electrical volume resistivity [Ω·cm] 1 x 106
Application temperature [°C] from +5℃ to +40℃
Temperature Resistance [°C] -40°/+100°, with brief points at +120°
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