Chemical Anchor Polyester Standard

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Chemical Anchor Polyester Standard
Chemical Anchor Polyester Standard is a universal bonded
anchoring system for use in hollow and solid surfaces within dry, wet or flooded conditions. Formulated free of styrene, Chemical Anchor Polyester Standard has a very low odor and is ideal for use in confined spaces and indoors.

  Anchors may be placed close to free edges 
  Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes without loss of performance 
  Reduced drilling diameters i.e. M20 only requires a 22mm hole and M24 requires only a 26mm hole making it an economical injection system 
  Variable embedment depths 
  Ratio of 10:1 
  Available in grey, stone and white resulting colors

Available in co-axial cartridges (380; 400; 410ml), side by side cartridges (345; 825ml), and single piston foil pack cartridges (150; 160; 170; 300; 550; 850ml).

• Canopies 
• Ventilation Systems 
• Railings 
• Hand rails 
• Masonry supports 
• Signs 
• Safety barriers 
• Balcony fences 
• Racking 
• Machinery
No specifications available.
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