Chemical Anchor Pure Epoxy Tropical

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Chemical Anchor Pure Epoxy Tropical
Chemical Anchor Pure Epoxy Tropical is a high performance two-component 3:1 ratio pure epoxy based anchoring system, which offers extremely high load-bearing capacity in both cracked and uncracked concrete. It has excellent performance at 50°C even at long term, making it the ideal choice for hot climates such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia or India.

• Installations in dry, wet and flooded holes 
• Excellent fire resistance 
• Fixings close to free edges 
• Overhead applications 
• Mixed colour: pink 
• Anchoring without expansion pressure 
• Extremely high load capacity 
• Available in side-by-side cartridges (385ml / 585ml) 
• Component volume ratio of 3:1 
• Extended gel/open time

Cartridge 385 ml/585 ml

• Fixing into cracked concrete 
• Post-installed rebar connections 
• Crash barriers 
• Structural steel-to-concrete connections
No specifications available.
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