Powertix Express

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Powertix Express
Zettex Powertix Express is a very fast-curing effervescing polyurethane adhesive with a thixotropic structure. The adhesive hardens with moisture from the surface and after curing form a durable, water-resistant and very strong joint. Zettex powertix Express has a light filling capacity. Zettex Powertix Express is also solvent-free and once hardened has excellent resistance to high temperatures and aging.


Product Properties
• Excellent adhesion on different surfaces.
• Ready to use
• Solvent-free and odourless.
• Weather-resistant according to DIN 204 D4
• Resistant to chemicals
• Transparent in colour
Tube 310 ml
Areas of application
• Powerful adhesion of wood and wooden materials such as chipboard, plywood and stair renovation.
• Chemical anchor in building constructions and the adhesion of stone, plasterboard, cement covers and
insulation materials.
• Powerful adhesion in metal constructions; aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and copper.
• Adhesion of corner joints in metal doors, windows and façades and greenhouses.
• Adhesion of natural stone, brick and ceramics.
• Adhesion of synthetic material such as PVC and fibre reinforced plastic.
• Adhesion of insulation material such as polyurethane.

Application instructions

• Surfaces must be free of dust and grease. Soiled or non-cured residues can be removed with Zettex
Profireiniger or the Zettex Cleaning Wipes. Apply adhesive with the Zettex Caulkgun on the surface to be
adhered. Clamping the materials to be adhered is recommended until the adhesive has fully hardened.
In the case of material with no suction or material with less than 8 % moisture; moisten the surface for
faster curing.
Features Specification
Appearance Thixotropic paste
Colour Transparent
Raw material Polyurethane
Curing Curing by moisture
Viscosity 25-35
Density (g/cm2) 1.13 +- 0.02
Film formation time (min.) on dry surface,
temperature of 23℃ 8
Film formation time (min.), on wet surface, water
temperature of 23℃ 5
Basic use (min.), on dry surface, temperature of
23℃ 20
End time (hours.) 2.5 mm adhesive in the form
of a caterpillar track, at 23 ℃ 24
Shear stress strength (N/mm2) >10, after 7 days in normal climate (according to EN 204 D1)
Shear stress strength (N/mm2) >4, after 7 days in normal climate, 6 hours in boiling water and 2 hours in water at 20 ℃ (according to EN 204 D4)
Application temperature +5 ℃ to +40 ℃
Temperature resistance -60°C to 100 °C
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