Spraybond X80 PU

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Spraybond X80 PU
Zettex Spraybond X80 PU is a single-part; spray applied, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive. Zettex Spraybond X80 PU cures to form a flexible bond. Due to a low foam power Zettex Spraybond X80 PU can be applied smoothly.



• Uniform spray
• Portable system
• Fast easy application
• Fast Drying
• High solids
• High temperature resistance
• One way stick
• Low foaming
• Permanent flexible bond
​Available forms
• Canister 18.9 kg


• Brown
• Below you will find the directions for use.

1. Ensure roof surface is sound, clean, dry and free of standing water. Any standing water should be removed and the surface left to dry for at least 1 hour before applying adhesive.
2. Attach a suitable spray nozzle, to the Zettex Spraygun. Use a Spray Gun with a 61cm extension so that the adhesive can be applied whilst standing.
3. Connect the Zettex Hose to the canister and the spray gun to the hose and tighten the connections.
4. Open the valve on the canister. The valve should remain open until the canister is used up. Use the locking nut on the gun after use. Turning off the valve will result in the adhesive drying in the hose and gun causing blockages.
5. Ensure membrane is cut to size and ready to bond.
6. Hold the spray gun at 90° to the roof surface and apply a uniform coat of adhesive, ensuring 80-100% coverage. Do not allow the adhesive to puddle.
7. Allow solvent to evaporate before laying membrane in position and apply pressure to surface with a broom or roller to ensure full contact.
8. Drying takes approximately 5 minutes depending on substrates, ambient temperature and humidity. Over spraying and pooling of the adhesive will increase drying.
9. After spraying, remove the spray gun tip and rinse with Solvent Cleaner before it has cured.
10. If the canister will not be used up within 2 weeks, close valve, empty adhesive remaining in hose and connect to suitable cleaning solvent. Flush thoroughly with solvent to remove all adhesive from hose and gun. 
Features Specification
Application temperature - 5 till + 40 degrees
Temperature resistance - 40 till + 120 degrees
Consumption 120 gramm/m2
Open time 10-15 Minutes
Maximum yield 250 m2
Solids 50 %
Colour Red
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