Spraybond X20 Misty

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Spraybond X20 Misty
Zettex Spraybond X20 Misty is an extremely quick-drying
universal misting adhesive for the fast and accurate adhesion of rubber, wood, sky, leather, cork and HPL. Zettex Spraybond X20 has a temperature resistance of 100°C maximum.


SBR rubber


• Extremely Fast-drying
• Extremely powerful
• Mist spray
• For universal use
• Ready to use
• DCM free
• Barely penetrates porous materials
Available forms
Pressurised cylinder 18,9 kg. 

• For the adhesion and fastening of paper, wood, cork, decorative film, foil and textile materials,
insulation, EPS, HPL, SKY and all kinds of leather or rubber.

• Dry the materials to be adhered and remove dust and grease. Then carefully spray the contact adhesive
on both surfaces to be adhered. A distance between surface and spray gun of 30 cm is ideal.

Preferably apply the adhesive in rows without duplication. After 2-4 minutes adhere both surfaces to each other
and firmly press or roll. With duplication at least double the open time. With very porous surfaces carefully check whether there is sufficient contact between both adhesive layers. Apply an extra layer if this is required..

Features Specification
Processing temperature +5 to +40 degrees
Temperature resistance -40°C to +100°C
Consumption 70-80 gram/m2
Open time 3-4 min
Maximum yield 180 m2
Solids 45 %
Color Amber
Spray pattern Mist
VOC 544 g/l
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