Spraybond X30 Universal

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Spraybond X30 Universal
Zettex Spraybond X30 Universal is a very high quality heat-resistant contact adhesive for the adhesion of the most common building- and industrial materials. Zettex Spraybond X30 Universal is suitable for the adhesion of rubber, cork, linoleum, wood, HPL, Polyether and so on. Zettex Spraybond X30 universal is having temperature resistance of 110°C.

SBR Polymer mix

  • Very powerful
  • Heat resistant
  • Extremely powerful
  • Fast drying
  • For universal use
  • Ready to use
  • DCM free
Available forms
  • Spray can 500ml
  • Spray can 750ml
  • Pressurised cylinder 18.9 kg

Areas of application
For gluing all types of EPDM (American and European) and almost all  types of roof covering, on all surfaces. Spraybond X30 Universal has various test certificates and has been approved under the new standards of the ATG and the EU directive on surface adhesives.

Remove any moisture and grease from the surface being glued. Gently spray the contact adhesive onto both surfaces being glued. The ideal distance between the surface and the spray gun is 30 cm. Try to apply the glue in a single layer. Bring the surfaces together after 2-4 minutes and press or roller firmly. Wait at least twice as long to glue the surfaces together if the layers applied have overlapped. Check thoroughly to see whether there is sufficient contact between the glue layers if the surface is porous. Apply an extra layer, if necessary.

All surfaces should be dry and free from grease and dust.

Features Specification
Processing temperature +5 to +40 degrees
Temperature resistance -40 to +110°C
Consumption 70-80 gram/m2
Open time 3-4 min
Maximum yield 140 m2
Solids 35 %
Color Amber/Blue/Red
Spray pattern WEB
VOC 544 g/l
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