Spraybond X70 Primer

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Spraybond X70 Primer
Zettex Spraybond X70 is a ready-to-use 1-component universally sprayable primer based on synthetic resins and rubbers. Zettex Spraybond X70 has been specially developed for strengthening all types of surfaces over which self-adhesive roofing membranes have to be applied.

• Forms an excellent adhesive layer for self-adhesive roofing membranes
• Portable ready to use system
• Fast easy application
• Very fast drying (25-30min)
• Improves the adhesion and water resistance of the bonding
• Resistant to high temperatures
• Very economical in consumption
Aerosol 750ml
Canister 22ltr,19kg

1. Use the Zettex Lance to spray the Spraybond X70. Use the lance with an extension of 61 centimeters, so that you can spray the X70 standing.
3. Connect the Zettex Hose (3.5 or 5.5 m) to the pressure vessel and the Zettex Lance to the Hose. Make sure to tighten the connection properly. 
4. Open the valve of the pressure vessel. The valve must remain open until the pressure vessel is completely emptied. 
5. Hold the Zettex Lance in 90° position from the surface and apply an even coat with X70 primer. 
6. Allow the solvent to evaporate before applying membrane. Apply pressure to the surface with a broom or roller to ensure full contact. 
7. Drying can take up to 35 minutes, depending on conditions such as humidity and temperature. 
8. After spraying, remove the nozzle and clean the lance with Zettex Gun Cleaner. 
9. If the pressure pot will not be used for the next two weeks, screw the gun closed. If the pressure vessel is not used for a longer period of time, it is advisable to clean the hose with the sprayclean X47.
Features Specification
Processing temperature +5 to + 40 degrees
Temperature resistance - 40 to + 120 degrees
Consumption 100-125 gramm/m2
Open time 35 minutes
Maximum yield 250 m2
Solids 50 %
Colour black
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