Superglue Activator

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Superglue Activator
Zettex Superglue Activator is a low viscosity, solvent based cyanoacrylate adhesive activator which contains active components dissolved in a hydrocarbon solvent.

Hydrocarbon Solvent

• Reduces blooming
• Reduces odor
• Fast acting
• Easy to use

​Available forms
• Aerosol 200 ml.

Zettex Superglue Activator will have a 12 month minimum shelf life if stored between 5°C and 25°C.
Zettex Superglue Activator is used to reduce fixing times and ensure that excess adhesive is fully cured. Zettex Superglue Activator also reduces blooming and odor. It is particularly useful for production lines such as electronics assembly and UPVC window trim bonding.

Directions for use
Spray a small quantity of Zettex Superglue Activator on to one substrate only. Allow solvent to evaporate. Apply cyanoacrylate adhesive to the other substrate and bring together curing will occur almost instantly. Take precautions not to spray Zettex Superglue Activator near unused cyanoacrylate adhesive as this will cure off.
Features Specification
Chemical Base Hydrocarbon solvent
Appearance Colourless
Flashpoint 0°C
Viscosity (20°C) 1 mPas
Density 0.79 g/ml
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