Threadlock Strong

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Threadlock Strong
Zettex Threadlock Strong is a permanent red coloured general purpose adhesive for permanent threaded assemblies. It locks studs up to 40mm, sealing against leakage and corrosion. It is chemical resistant, resisting fuels, lubricants and most industrial liquids and gases.


• Fast acting securing compound
• Giving retention strength and vibration proofing
• Typically 3000 psi at high temperature
• 50 ml

Store in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Shelf life 24 months @ 20°c.
​Application instructions
Zettex Threadlock Strong is used where a high strength and high temperature range is required. Using Zettex Threadlock Strong is ideal for the locking of large studs and bolts (M25>). For disassembly heat the stud or bolt to 250°C and disassemble while still got. This product should not be used in: Oxygen or Oxygen rich systems. Sealing chlorine or similar oxidizing materials.

Ensure all parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease, using Zettex Profi Cleaner. The Zettex Threadlock Strong is normally hand applied from the bottle. 
Features Specification
Colour Red
Fixture No Activator 10 minutes
Fixture with Activator 5 minutes
Viscosity Brookfield Sp3 @20rpm @ 25°C 9,500 cps
Gap Fill 0.25mm
Flash Point >100°C
Shelf Life 24 months
Specific Gravity 1.06
Max Operating Temp -55 to +150°C
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