Security Cleaner

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Security Cleaner

Zettex Security Cleaner is an adhesive cleaner which does not left any track or residue behind. Zettex Security Cleaner can be used safely on the most common surfaces. Besides, Zettex Security Cleaner is a versatile cleaner and degreaser. It can be used on the most plastics; painted- and lacquered surfaces; vinyl and glass.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons

• Very safe
• Universal applicable
• Ready to use
• Human and environmental friendly
• Slowly evaporating 

• Aerosol 500ml
• Barrel 1 L , 5 L en 25 L  


Zettex Security Cleaner does not evaporate quickly, therefore there is no possibility to inhale harmful solvents. Due to the slow evaporation; Zettex Security Cleaner will move in the surface for a longer time; therefore the surface will be cleaned thoroughly. In most cases over spraying is not necessary. Zettex Security Cleaner does not attract any strings. In addition Zettex Security Cleaner is a professional cleaner for the use in construction and industry and it can be used as a pre treatment tool for lacquer-, painting-, adhesive- and lubrication works. Last but not least Zettex Security Cleaner can also be used as a finisher for Zettex Polymer Sealants and it is very suitable for cleaning all of your tools.

Features Specification
Base Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Density (g/ml) 0,803
Flashpoint (℃) <0
Consistency Liquid
Solvents Hydrocarbons
Odour NO
Colour Colourless
Spray pattern Jet
Application temperature 5℃ -40℃
Evaporation speed Slow
Packaging 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 25 ltr
Storage Cool and dry
Shelf life 24 months
Water soluble NO
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