Airjet Economy

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Airjet Economy
Zettex Airjet is a dry aerosol spray designed to physically remove superficial dirt, grime and other loosely adhering contaminants where “wet”, or other normal chemical products are not permissible.



• High pressure discharge
• Accurate and precise application with the integral extension tube
• Instantaneous action
• Immediate evaporation
• Can be used inverted as a freezer spray / chewing gum remover
Available forms
Aerosol 500ml

You can use the Zettex Airjet on all types of isolated electrical equipment or electronic componentry, and other areas of difficult accessibility. Please don’t use Zettex Airjet near an unprotected skin or near live electrical equipment.

Ensure electrical equipment is isolated and static has been discharged. Spray apply directly to the area. Keep can upright whilst using. Failure to do so may result in liquid discharge and freezing effect.
CAUTION: This product consists of a liquefied gas. Liquid splashes may cause freeze burns to skin and eyes.

Features Specification
Appearance Clear Colourless highly volatile liquefied gas
pH Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.533 at 20 degrees (nominal)
Active content % m/m/, as supplied 100
Non volatiles % m/m 100
Boiling point -40℃ (nominal)
Flammability, as supplied Extremely flammable
Composition Data, as supplied Butane, Iso-butane and propane blend
Service Temperature (Continuous) Designed for use at ambient temperature
Service Temperature (Intermittent) Not applicable
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