Stainless Steel Spray

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Stainless Steel Spray

Zettex Stainless Steel Spray is a transparent, dry and waxy protective layer for metal/plastics and painted surfaces. Zettex Stainless Steel Spray works very quickly and easily removes all contamination from all types of metals and plastics. Zettex Stainless Steel Spray has a high protective effect and is windproof and waterproof.
Acid-free paraffin oil
• Does not contain abrasives
• Leaves a protective layer behind
• Rust and water resistant
• Ready to use
• Safe and environmentally friendly

•Spray can 500ml

The product is excellent for cleaning and degreasing stainless steel. Also very suitable for use on other metals, tiles and painted surfaces. Stainless Steel Spray can also be used to clean and rejuvenate various plastics very effectively.
Directions for use
Shake can well before use. Spray the parts to be treated from a distance of 25-30 cm. Wipe immediately with a clean lint-free cloth until the surface is dry.

Features Specification
Weight % 25-50
CAS No. 64742-49-0
Symbol F-Xn-N
R phrases 11-51/53-65
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