Mos 2 Oil

Zettex Mos 2 Oil is an electrically conductive effective rust dissolver with an immediate lubricative effect. Prevents seizure of bolts, nuts and screws. Reduces friction and wear. Prevents damage to thread. Extremely water repellent and high water displacement. Prevents corrosion and protects metal. Reduces and prevents creek and squeak noises. Good creeping properties. Free from silicones and acids. No gumming.

Mineral oil with graphite 

• Electrically conductive
• immediate lubricative effect
• Reduces friction and wear
• Extremely water repellent and high water displacement
• Good creeping properties
• Free from silicones and acids
• No gumming

Available form:
Aerosol 500 ml
Loosening, (dis)assembling and immediately lubricating rusted, seized (screw) connections, bolts, hinges, nuts

Features Specification
Appearance An opaque grey liquid
pH Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.805 +/- 0.015 at 20 degrees
Flammability, as supplied Extremely flammable, flash point below -20
Composition Data A solution of a naphthenic based lubricant, petroleum wax, Molybdenum disulfide in low aromatic white spirit in a butane/isobutane/propane propellant.
Non Volatiles % m/m 20-30
Active content % m/m, as supplied 10-20
Service temperature (Continious) Designed for use at ambient temperatures
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