Superlube Hexaflon

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Superlube Hexaflon

Zettex Superlube Hexaflon is developed to create a dry film, low friction surface, effective over a wide temperature range. The Superlube is resistant against temperatures between -40 °C and 220 °C. Due to dry properties, Zettex Superlube Hexaflon does not attract dirt.

Product benefits  
• Extremely fast drying
• Outstanding chemical resistance.
• Outstanding light resistance
• Exceptional thermal stability
• Non-grease dry film does not attract airborne dirt and grit.
• Lowest coefficient of friction of all lubricants.

• Aerosol 500 ml.


• Transparent   
Zettex Superlube is suitable for all substrates including wood, metals, rubbers and plastics, and is particularly beneficial in the assembly/disassembly of pre-treated components. Please don’t use it on any surface where application of a slippery film may create a health hazard.

Shake can thoroughly before use. Hold upright, and spray from a distance of 15 to 30cm. Take care to avoid overspray, especially on floors.
Features Specification
Appearance An opaque, non-homogeneous milky liquid
pH Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.700 +/- 0.15 at 20 degrees
Flammability, as supplied Extremely flammable, flash point below -20
Composition Data A dispersion of PTFE in isopropanol, and naphtha [petroleum], hydrotreated, light, in a butane/isobutane/propane propellant.
Non Volatiles % m/m 0.1-5.0
Service temperature (Continuous) Up to 250 ℃
Active content % m/m , as supplied 40-50
Consistency Free flowing liquid
Service temperature (Intermittent) Up to 300 ℃
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