Zettex Chaingel is a high quality universal lubricant and chain spray. Chaingel is resin and acid free, skin friendly, corrosion resistant and waterproof. It creates an active, permanent and flexible lubricant film. Penetrates very easy between moving parts and cures after a few seconds into a perfect lubrication.

Full Synthetic grease

Product properties

•Very wide range of applications
•Strong adhesion
•Unique penetrating effect
•Dust repellent
•No corrosion on the surface

•Aerosol 500ml 

For lubrication of axles, gearwheels, roller bearings, conveyor belts, compressed air tools, chains, lifting equipment, locks, tools, transmissions, cables, connecting rods, open worm wheels, gland nuts, etc.
Remove any excess gel with Zettex Proficleaner. 

All surfaces must be free of dust and grease.

Features Specification
Odour paraffin
Phase transition point/ boiling point °C approx. 60
Density g/ml (20°C approx. 0.818 DIN 51757
Vapour pressure mbar (20°C n.b.
Viscosity mPa (20°C < 10 dynamic
pH value undiluted (20°C): n.m. DIN 19261
pH value 1% solution (20°C) n.m.
Autoignition temperature (20°C) 250 DIN 51794
Explosive limits Full % lower n.b. DIN 51649
Full % upper n.n. DIN 51649
Water solubility (20°C) 20 mg/l
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