Tapping Gel

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Tapping Gel

Zettex Tapping Gel is a high-quality drilling and cutting oil with strong sticking properties and excellent cooling capacity. Zettex Tapping gel keeps drilling and cutting tools in optimum condition. It has a long lasting life for optimal lubrication and cooling of parts.
Product Properties
•Very high temperature range
•Strongly sticky
•Can be used on all types of metal
•High cooling capacity
•Ready to use

•Aerosol 500ml  •Can 5 Ltr

For optimum lubrication during drilling, cutting and tapping. Suitable for both hard and soft metals. Also suitable for stainless steel.
Directions for use
Shake well before use.
Apply Tapping Gel to the (cutting) tool or object to be treated.

Features Specification
Boiling point/range > 250°C
Melting point/range aerosol < 0°C
Flash point N/A
Flammability (aerosol only) LEL 0.8 vol % in air at 25°C UEL 9.0
Autoignition as aerosol > 450 °C
Autoignition as liquid 400 °C
Explosive properties none
Oxidising properties none
Pressure inside aerosol can 2.75 bar
Relative density as aerosol N/A
Relative density as liquid 0.996
VOC content as aerosol 13 g/100 ml
VOC content as liquid NIL
Solubility in water insoluble
Solubility in solvent soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons
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