Underbody Coating

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Underbody Coating
Zettex Underbody Coating spray is a black, bitumen-rich, water-resistant, anti-corrosion coating for surfaces on the bottom of cars. Protects against physical damage, rubble and repels moisture. Zettex Underbody Coating can be painted over with most painting systems.

• Excellent anti-corrosion properties.
• Primer not required.
• Semi-flexible coating, resistant to cracks.
• Excellent resistance to water and salt.
• 360 degree usability ensures that Underbody Coating can even be applied on surfaces that are difficult to reach.
• Paintable
​Available form
• Spray can 500 ml.

• Black
​Application instructions
• First thoroughly clean the surface. Dust, oil, grease and other residues can be removed with Zettex Megaclean. Apply the Megaclean beforehand on the Zettex Bonte or Witte tricot cloth, allow the Megaclean to work in briefly then remove the residues. Shake the spray can for at least two minutes, and repeat this when the can has not been used for a while. Apply the spray from a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface. The Zettex Underbody Coating fully dries within 24 hours, depending on the temperature and the thickness of the coating.  
Features Specification
Appearance Black with an aromatic odour
pH Not applicable
Specific gravity 0.92 – 0.96
Not volatile % m/m 50 – 60
Active content % m/m, as supplied 30 – 40
Flammability, as supplied Highly flammable, flash point below -20°C
Viscosity 2500-4000 cPs
Volatile organic constituents, as supplied In compliance with EU directives 2004/42/CE
Application temperature 15-25 ℃
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