High Wax Polish

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High Wax Polish

Zettex High Wax Polish is a premium wax polish based on a blend of naturally occurring waxes. Contains both Carnauba and Bees Waxes for optimum durability and shine.


• Easy and quick to apply 
• Suitable for new and as good as new paints 
• Deep shine without haze

• Aerosol 500 ml.


• Transparent
You can use the Zettex High Wax Polish on any painted, wooden or metallic surface to improve gloss and provide a water-resistant barrier. Also suitable for use on Chrome and plastic trim. Please don’t use it on any surface where slip / low friction would cause a hazard.

Ensure surface is clean and dry. Shake can thoroughly before use. Hold upright and spray from a distance of 20-30cm. Allow to haze before buffing to a high shine with a soft clean cloth.
Do not apply to hot surfaces as this can cause the polish to dry too quickly and lead to streaking.
Features Specification
Appearance An off-white creamy liquid
pH 7-9
Specific Gravity 0.936-0.966 at 20 degrees
Flammability, as supplied Extremely flammable, flashpoint below -20
Composition Data, as supplied An aqueous emulsion of carnauba wax, bees wax and silicone polymer with low aromatic white spirit and mixed butane/isobutane/propane propellant
Service Temperature (Continuous) Designed for use at ambient temperature
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