Engine Room Cleaner

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Engine Room Cleaner
Product description
Zettex Engine Room Cleaner is a powerful alkaline foaming cleaner for the removal of soot, grease and oil. Provides a very fast separation of oily contaminants. This cleaner is highly concentrated, free of acids and universally applicable. Zettex Engine Room Cleaner has been specially developed for the shipping and industrial branch and can also be used as a neutralizator. This Engine Room Cleaner does not bite, is ready to use and is biodegradable. This product must be processed undiluted. Excellent for use in a high-pressure cleaner or scrubber. 


•Highly concentrated •Ready to use
•Acid free                 •Biodegradable
•Environmentally friendly         •Not harmful
•For universal use         •Foams
Available forms
• 1 Ltr Handspray
• 10 Ltr

For cleaning engine rooms in the shipping sector and other industries. For the fast and effective removal of soot in fire damage restoration, exhausts, chimneys and compressors. Very suitable for use in high pressure cleaners and scrubbing machines.
Features Specification
Change in condition/boiling point ca. 100
Density g/ml (20°C) 1,052 DIN 51757
Vapour pressure mbar (20°C) n/a
Viscosity mPas (20°C) ca. 20 dynamic, Brookfield
pH value undiluted (20°C) 11,4 DIN 19261
pH value 1% water-based solution
Flash point (°C) n/a DIN 51755
Auto-ignition temperature (°C) n/a DIN 51794
Explosion limits, Lower % vol. n/a DIN 51649
Upper % vol. n/a DIN 51649
Solubility in water (20°C) unlimited solubility
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