Spraybond X100 Foambond 750 ml

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Spraybond X100 Foambond 750 ml
​Product description
Zettex Spraybond X100 Foambond is a one
component polyurethane foam adhesive for the
adhering of EPS, XPS, PUR, PU, mineral insulation
materials, mineral wool, stone wool, cork and other
foams. Due to the high initial adhering, you can use
the Spraybond X100 Foambond on wall insulation
systems as well.


• Very fast curing time : around 1 hour.
• Wind resistant, tested by BDA.
• Ideal for the renovation of bituminous roofs.
• Flexible.
• Extremely economical in use, precise dosing is possible.
• Solvent-free, do not dissolve polystyrene (EPS).
• Avoid creating cold bridges.
• Non Flammable
Aerosol 750 ml 
• You can apply Zettex Spraybond X100 Foambond on bituminous roofs. The vertical adhering is possible
as well.
• In addition, it can also be applied to stainless steel plates, concrete, fiber cement and concrete concrete.
• Application possible on wood, hard PVC, plaster and bitumen, but not applicable to PE, PTFE and PP.
Besides, we recommend you to do a test before you start the adhering. So you can test the surface to be
treated and know the quality of the adhering.
Features Specification
Application temperature +5 to +40 degrees
Consumption 12 m²
Open time Max 6 minutes, walkable after 20 minutes
Total curing time 1 hour
Durability 18 months, if stored in an unopened packaging
at temperatures between 5 and 25 degrees.
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