Flexcryl Exterior

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Flexcryl Exterior
Zettex Flexcryl Exterior a high quality sealer which is paintable with almost all types of paint systems. Zettex Flexcryl Exterior is excellently suitable for outside use and is resistant against moisture and UV.


• Directly paintable with all types of paint.
• Non crack
• For in en outside use
• Non corrosive
• Adhere on every surface without use of a primer
• 310 ml cartridge
Surfaces to be sealed should be clean and dry, free of dust or grease, which could caus a deficient adherence. You can use Zettex Proficleaner to clean the surfaces. Zettex Flexcryl Exterior can be overpainted once it is cured. After using Zettex Flexcryl Exterior, you can clean hands with Zettex Cleaning Wipes.
Features Specification
Aspect Flexcryl
Specific gravity 1.47 g/cm3
Skinning time 12-20 min
Application temperature +5 to +35℃
After curing service temperature -20 to +80℃
Hardness Shore A 17 (ISO 868)
Elongation at break 200 %
Storage 12 months
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