Flexcryl Non-Crack

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Flexcryl Non-Crack
Zettex Flexcryl non-crack is a plasto-elastic one component, water based mastic that cures fast under evaporation of water, used for sealing finishing joints and filling interior cracking. By using Zettex Flexcryl you prevent the cracking of the paint layers.


• Water based. No odour.
• Compatible with paints.
• Free of solvents, isocyanate and silicone.
• Adhesion to most common building substrates.
• Easy tooling. Wash-up with water.
• 310 ml cartridge
• Colours white, grey and brown. Other colours are available on request.
​Fields of application
• For sealing interior finishing joints for walls, partitions, ceiling and skirting boards.
• Connection joints on window sills, between masonry, etc.
• For filling cracks, board joints, around shutter formwork, etc.
• Suitable for bonding expanded polystyrene on absorbent substrates.
• Suitable on all usual porous building substrates.

After substrate preparation, apply Zettex Flexcryl non crack with the Zettex Caulkgun. The sealant should
be smoothed using a tool moistened with water before skinning for a perfect sealant surface. Smoothing is not only recommended for aesthetic reasons, but also guarantees close contact and good adhesion to the substrate. Remove any masking tape used immediately after smoothing. Fresh product and tools can be cleaned with water.

• Fresh product must be protected from condensed moisture or rainwater, until a solid skin has formed.
• The product cures by means of desiccation (water evaporation). High humidity, low temperatures and
high joint depth can delay skin formation and curing significantly.
• If applied outdoors, the joint must be protected from driving rain and continuous exposure to
• During drying, the colour will slightly change.
• The product is compatible with most paint systems. Due to the large number of paints and varnishes
available, we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application.
• It should not be applied on bituminous or tar containing substrates, and to materials that bleed oils or
• It must not be used in contact with untreated metals (oxidation risk).
Features Specification
Type Water based acrylic sealant
Odour None
Consistency Non-slump paste
Specific gravity Approx. 1.70 g/ml
Skin forming time Approx. 20 min. (at 23℃ ; 50 % R.H.)
Application temperature range +5 to +40 degrees.
Service temperature -20 to + 80 degrees
Shore A Hardness (ISO 868) Approx. 30 (6mm thick film)
Max. Tensile (ISO 37) Approx. 0,40 MPa
Elongation at break (ISO 37) >120 %
Storage 18 months
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