Easy Silicon S

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Easy Silicon S
Zettex Easy Silicon S is a high quality one component sealant based on alcoxy curing silicones (neutral system). Zettex Easy Silicone is mold- and chlorine resistant. Zettex Easy Silicon is also suitable for use in clean rooms and food industry.


Neutral alcoxy silicons


• Neutral acid-free
• Low of odour
• UV and water resistant
• Durable and colorfast
• Permanently elastic
• Excellent adhesion without use of a primer on a wide range of surfaces.
• Antifungal protection
• Easy to process
• High possibility of movement according the standards of ISO 11600-F&G 25 LM 
• Cartridge 310 ml
• Sausage 400 ml
• Sausage 600 ml

White, Transparant, Black, RAL 9001, Transparant / Grey, Grey. 

Other colours are available on request. You can apply for the Easy Silicon S color chart.
• For sealing joints, seams, cracks in construction, house, car or caravan. Good adhesion to various types of plastics, stone and masonry. Excellent adhesion without primer on all common building materials such as concrete, stone, natural stone ceramics and glass.
• For sealing on porous and non porous surfaces where mold can be dangerous.

The surface has to be free from dust, grease and oil residu. This all can be cleaned with our Zettex Profi Cleaner. Spray the Profi Cleaner on the Zettex Bont or White tricot cloth and clean the surface. The Zettex Easy Silicon S can be applied on most surfaces without the use of a primer. Despite, a test before is recommended. If you are hesitating than you can connect our technical department. They can answer all of your questions.

Zettex Foam Filling kan be used als back up material to decrease the deepth of the joints. After pre treatment Zettex Easy Silicon S can be applied by a Zettex Caulk (for cartridges)- or Sausage (for sausages) gun. You can smooth finish it with our Zettex Easyfinish. Uncured residu can be removed with Zettex Profi Cleaner. Cured residu can only be removed mechanically.

Please not that you can not apply Zettex Easy Silicon S on bituminous surfaces or other building materials with leaking oil, plasticizers or solvents. There is no bonding available on PE, PP or PTFE. Besides that Easy Silicon S is not suitable for overpainting. 
Features Specification
Shoare A Hardness 20 +- 3
Hardening 3 mm per 25 hours
Processing temperature +5°C to +40°C
Specific weight 1,02 g/ml
Skin forming time (at 23 degrees; 50 % R.H.) 5-15 min
Temperature resistance -40°C to +150°C
Loss of volume <10 %
Possibility of movement 25 %
Elastic recovery >85 %
Base Neutral alcoxy silicons
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