FR 300 Hybrid

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FR 300 Hybrid
Zettex FR300 is a high-quality and durable one-component fire-resistant adhesive based on MS Polymer, suitable for fire-resistant bonding of all kinds of surfaces in construction and industry. Zettex FR300 is also chemically resistant and permanently flexible. Zettex FR300 has a fire resistance of up to 4 hours. Zettex FR300 is paintable with most common paint systems. Testing is recommended.

Hybrid polymers

• 4 hours fire-resistance
• Useable in joints up to 30 mm wide.
• Little shrinkage.
• Suitable for wall/ceiling and wall/floor joints.
• Can be painted over with most water and oil based paints.
• Tested in conformity with EN 1366-4
• Certified for wood and steel casing joints.
• Certified for metal stud joints.
• Undesired air flows are prevented.
• Movement absorption to 25 %
• Resists moulds and vermin
• Odourless.
• Durable
• UV, weather and water resistant
• Not corrosive on metals
​Available forms
• Tube 290 ml 
​Application instructions
Suitable for the fire-resistant adhesion of connection and dilation joints in construction, that in the event of fire must have certain fire-resistance. The spread of fire, smoke or toxic vapours is counteracted. FR 300 is also certified for horizontal joints and connections to floor/ceiling with wall, wooden and steel casings and all stud applications. The fire-resistance is tested in conformity with EN 1366-4 to 240 minutes in a horizontal or vertical joint measuring 30 mm wide. Make sure of the correct fire-resistance for your applications by consulting the classification and test reports.

FR 300 is not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft synthetics, neoprene and bituminous surfaces. The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease and dust. Neither may there be any old sealant residues on the surface. Although the FR 300 adheres excellently to most common surfaces it is recommended to first carry out a test. A primer may first be applied for optimal adhesion to some surfaces. Residues that have not properly hardened can be removed with Zettex Profireiniger. Smooth using Zettex Easyfinish within 10 minutes because of skin formation. FR 300 can also be painted over with most water and oil based paints. It is advised to test the tolerance of the paint beforehand. Hands can finally be cleaned with the Zettex Cleaning Wipes 
Features Specification
Raw material Hybrid polymers
Extrusion value 115
Density 1.36 g/ml
Elongation at break 800%
Skin formation time 30-60 minutes (at 23℃; 50 % R.H.)
Curing time +- 2-3 mm after 24 hours (at 23℃; 50 % R.H.)
Temperature for use Between 5℃ and 40 ℃
Shore hardness 35 Shore A
Movement absorption +- 25 %
Modulus at 100 % stretch 0.70
Tensile strength 3.0 MPa.
Skin formation at 23°C 10 minutes
Temperature resistance -40°C to +90°C
Resistance to flow 2 mm
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