FR Fire Board

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FR Fire Board
​Product description
FR Fire Board is a mineral wool board treated with a fire-resistant coating and is applied in combination with FR Intumescent Coating and Zettex FR 100.




• Up to 2 hours fire-resistance.
• The shape of the FR Fire Board can be easily changed to match the passage to be sealed.
• With foaming and cooling coating on both sides.
• System thoroughly tested by the leading European test institutes (notified bodies).
• Sealing of passages for fire and smoke.
​Available forms
• Box with one board measuring 50 x 60 cm
• Foil with two boards measuring of 60 x 100 cm
​Application instructions
• Zettex FR Fire Board is used to seal all openings larger than 5mm and can be applied in both solid stony walls and in composite (including metal stud) walls.
• Saw the fitting pieces out of the FR Fire Board to size so they can be fitted tight in the opening. Paint the sides of the opening and the fitting pieces with FR Intumescent Coating so the fitting pieces are thoroughly “glued” with the opening and the material brought through. Place the relief of the FR Fire Board in one direction. Make the fitting pieces as large as possible to limit the number of seams. Make sufficient fitting pieces until the whole opening is sealed.
Features Specification
Application temperature > 5 ℃
Thickness 60 mm
Can be painted over NO
Density 155 kg/m3
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