FR Pipe Wrap

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FR Pipe Wrap
​Product description
The Zettex FR Pipe Wrap is a sleeve that strongly expands in the event of fire. The FP Pipe Wrap is used around synthetic pipes (PVC, PP, PE) passing through (segmented) walls or floors. The wrap is placed around the pipe and adhered with the adhesive strip. Then the wrap around the pipe is slid into the construction. The foaming property of the FR Pipe Wrap prevents heat, smoke and fire from spreading to the next compartment.



• Up to 2 hours fire-resistance.
• Optimal for use in composite walls.
• Only 1 wrap needed for wall sealing.
• Is fitted in the compartment wall/floor/ceiling.
• Available in the most common sizes 50 to 160 mm.
• Thoroughly tested by the leading European
test institutes (notified bodies).
• Sealing of passages for fire and smoke. 
​Available forms
• Ø 50 mm (other sizes available on request) 
​Application instructions
• The FP Pipe Wrap is fitted in an opening in the wall, whereby the space between the FR Pipe Wrap and the wall is less than 10 mm.
• Assemble the FR Pipe Wrap around the pipe. Take the backing foil off the assembly sticker and stick the assembly sticker on the FP Pipe Wrap in such a way that the FR Pipe Wrap joins and sits tightly around the pipe. Slide the FR Pipe Wrap around the pipe, so the middle of the FR Pipe Wrap is in the middle of the fire-resistant construction. Seal any spaces or seams between the piping and the FR Pipe Wrap and between the FR Pipe Wrap and the construction with FR 100. 
Features Specification
Solids substance content 100 %
Thickness 6-12 mm, depending on diameter
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