FR Wall Outlet

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FR Wall Outlet
​Product description
The FR Wall Outlet is developed to seal wall sockets in (segmented) walls fire-resistant, simply by placing them in the wall socket.




• Up to 2 hours fire-resistance.
• Applied in existing and new wall sockets.
• For use in solid and composite walls.
Available forms
• Box of 10.

​Application instructions
• In the event of a fire the switching material on a surface-mounted socket will melt, with the wall socket following. This means there is no opening for the fire to spread in the wall or to the next compartment. When the surface-mounted socket has an FR Wall Outlet, it will expand in the event of fire with the opening being sealed against smoke and the fire-resistant property of the wall stays intact. The FR Wall Outlet is very easy to install in old and new wall sockets.
• Remove the cover from the surface-mounted socket or the switching material. Remove any internal mechanism from the surface-mounted socket. Remove any wiring and connecting materials such as wire connectors. Place the FR Wall Outlet against the rear of the surface-mounted socket. Assemble the wiring. Replace the cover of the surface-mounted socket.
Features Specification
Solids substance content 100 %
Thickness 10 mm
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