FR Intumescent Coating

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FR Intumescent Coating
​Product description
FR Intumescent Coating is a strongly expanding coating for fire-resistant seals with fire and/or radiant heat. The FR Intumescent Coating forms part of the Zettex FR Range. This range is ideal for the creation of fire-resistant seals in spaces around cables, pipework and cable ducts.


Acrylate dispersion


• Up to 2 hours fire-resistance.
• Foaming and cooling coating that with fire has up to 40 times the
original volume
• Thoroughly tested by the leading European
test institutes (notified bodies)
• Sealing of passages for fire and smoke. 
Available forms
• Bucket 5 kg  
​Application instructions
• Fire-resistant sealant so the reliability of fire walls is maintained, for example used with:
• Low dilation joints in prefabricated panels, dividing walls and window frames.
• Sealing around expanding elements such as metal, pipes, cables and pipework.
• Repair of cracks in concrete and plaster layers.
• FP Intumescent Coating may not be painted over because this has a negative impact on the foaming nature of the coating.

Zettex Fire Resistant Intumescent Coating is used to cover the ends of FR Fire board that has been cut to size. Passages of pipes and cable ducts can also be treated with the product. Finally the seal and the transition to the surrounding construction is coated so a perfect fire-resistant solution is created.

Instructions for use. For use in a normal indoor climate. Stir before use, if required dilute with a maximum of 5% water

Features Specification
Application temperature ≥ 5°C
Basis Acrylic dispersion
Density 1.20 g/ml
Fire class EN 1366-3
Use 1.08 m2/kg
Colour White
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